When is the 2019 Urban Project - Los Angeles?

Mark your calendar for June 1st - June 22nd, 2019. More detailed information will be provided once a student has applied and been accepted.


What does the cost of the UP-LA cover?

The cost of $1800 covers many things, including three weeks worth of:

-Meals (bring cash for about six to eight meals out)
-Ministry and study materials
-Recreation Center access
-Fun activities in L.A. we will do together

Is transportation included in the cost? 

Transportation is NOT included in the cost of the UP-LA. You will need to pay for your own transportation to and from the project, be it by plane or car. For those who live close enough to drive, you are welcome to bring a vehicle. 

WHAT?! I could get class credit?!

Your university may grant internship/independent study credit for this inner-city summer community experience. This is especially true of those majoring in sociology, psychology, elementary or secondary education, early childhood development, or social work. Students must petition their school's department and satisfy any application fees. Schools typically require students to keep a daily journal of their experience and submit a paper highlighting specific aspects of their summer effort. UP-LA Leadership staff will act as your onsite internship advisors, and will verify your learning experience to your college.

Note: Such internship credit cannot be granted retroactively. It is your responsibility to apply through your school for such credit prior to the Project. AIA UP-LA staff will then work in conjunction with your school to assure that the expected requirements are met.

Will I be able to work out while on the UP-LA?

Yes, you will have access to USC’s varsity track and field, as well as USC’s student recreation center for swimming, weights, and cardio equipment. You will be able to work out nearly every day, but due to our busy schedule, workouts need to be completed early in the morning before we begin our daily schedule. The UP-LA staff desire, in the best interest of the whole group, to accommodate those with specific summer training requirements.

What can I expect while at the UP-LA? 

You can expect to be encouraged and challenged both spiritually and physically, work hard, play hard, and to return home with experiences and a vision to begin making an impact both physically and spiritually on your team, campus, and in your community.

My competition season runs into the month of June. Could I still come?

The UP-LA has had student-athletes who are still in their competition season (i.e. track and field, etc.), participate in the past. We try to accommodate unique situations the best we can. Athletes in this situation will be able to train and leave for competition but will be expected to arrange for transportation to and from their training and competitions. Also, the expectation would be that they fully participate in the UP-LA when they are present. Please contact the UP-LA Leadership Team here to discuss your situation before applying.

I'm an athletic trainer. Could I be of use and participate in the UP-LA?

YES! We need athletic trainers to care for our student-athletes during the Project as well as to wholly participate in the mission and vision of the UP-LA. You are crucial to the vision! Please contact the UP-LA Leadership Team here to discuss your interests and the possibility of your participation.

I’m not a collegiate student-athlete but am interested in the mission and vision of the UP-LA. Is there a place for me on the Project? 

Quite possibly! The UP-LA has had many non-student-athletes participate and make valuable contributions to the work in LA. Please contact the UP-LA Leadership Team here to discuss your interests and the possibility of your participation.

$1800 is a lot of money!  Should I ask my parent/guardian to pay? 

Athletes in Action is a non-profit ministry so you are allowed to raise the funds needed to cover your cost. Once you have applied and are accepted, we will have one of our staff members personally help you get started and guide you through the process of raising the funds needed to cover the cost of the UP-LA. 

What if I have more questions?

Please send any other questions to the UP-LA Leadership Team through our contact page.