Winston - Salem Karaoke Night

The work continues...

Another example of the vision and work of the UP-LA moving outside the bounds of LA County comes from the other side of the country in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Paul Loeser, (above) a junior Track and Field student-athlete at Wake Forest University participated in the 2010 Urban Project-Los Angeles. God began shaping in him a vision for continuing the work back home in Winston-Salem. Below Paul shares what God has been doing this year in Winston-Salem:

“Last summer during Urban Project LA I went to karaoke night on Skid Row. Almost a hundred of people pack into the church every Wednesday night to sing and dance together. Some of the singers couldn’t carry a tune; others were incredibly talented. But it didn’t seem to matter to anyone. The people supported and cheered for each other in a really moving display of community that was unified by Christ. Everyone sang ‘Our God is an Awesome God’ together at the end of the night, which was really powerful. 

I was so impacted by Karaoke night in LA that I decided to bring it to my hometown in Winston-Salem. With the help of some good friends, karaoke night is now going strong at the Bethesda Center for the Homeless in Winston. Every other week, a group of Wake students gets together with the people living at the shelter to sing and have fun together. Karaoke night is different from a lot of other homeless ministries because it gives a chance for those living at the shelter to have their voice heard. 

And the community at Bethesda is just as powerful and moving as it was in LA, especially when we all sing a gospel song at the end of the night together. It's a true representation of the body of Christ. Despite our different circumstances, we're all unified by Christ, which is why we sing with so much joy together at the end of the night.”