Victor Cardenas

Why not?! Why not Victor Cardenas?!  In a situation rife with despair we find a success story. But his story is not as rare as we may think. It is those students who live on the margins of society who realize their dire straits more than anyone else does; and they "activate" & yearn to, move to, realize the need to make a plan for success.
Psalm 139 holds true: there are NO disposable people AND God doesn't make junk.

“For Victor Cardenas, a homeless teen sleeping on a park bench by night, getting through high school was a challenge. Luckily, a circle of close friends and even his high school teacher were happy to lend a hand and give Cardenas a place to stay. Now, Cardenas has surpassed all expectations -- acing AP tests and earning national attention for a documentary film he made about his experiences facing homelessness. Cardenas has been named valedictorian of his high school and will attend Texas A&M on a full scholarship in the fall.
Fox 26 reports from Houston.”