Welcome to the Urban Project! The Athletes in Action Urban Project was originally started in Chicago in 1997 by former AIA staff member Paul Curtis. During those early summers, AIA staff and collegiate student-athletes would travel to Chicago to partner with urban ministers to make an impact in Chicago both physically and spiritually, while exposing the students to realities of life in the city and what God is doing in the midst of it all. 

In 2000, in an effort to establish stronger, more consistent, and longer lasting partnerships between Athletes in Action and local urban ministers, the Urban Project was moved to Los Angeles where Michael and Dee Sylvester, AIA staff at the University of Southern California, assumed leadership of the Project, officially establishing the Urban Project - Los Angeles.

With the Sylvester’s presence in inner-city LA, serving on both the campus of the University of Southern California and in the inner-city, strategic partnerships have been established with various pastors and urban ministers within the bounds of LA county to see the work of the gospel go forth. 

The UP-LA continues on, helping serve the city of LA while casting vision to collegiate student-athletes to take a stand on behalf of the gospel and invest their time, talent, and treasure for a lifetime in the work that God is doing around the world.